The cultural blends of Singapore and Malaysian over a century had not just developed a rich, unique culinary style, but also brought our soul character – Hainan Shaoye, to life.


Unveiling Shaoye’s unwavering pursuit of culinary excellence and ambitions to keep improving, our extensive menu introduces dishes made with freshest ingredients, spices and seasonings with the adoption of traditional and modern cooking techniques. Let’s step into this grand dining room, delight your palates and eyes with our Top Signature collection, authentic Singaporean and Malaysian classics served on exquisite tableware, just like the honoured guests of Shaoye back in the time of yore!


"Lo Hei! Lo Hei!" This auspicious Prosperity Toss is a renowned lucky dish in Singapore and Malaysia, with colourful ingredients symbolizing different blessings. Invite your family and friends to mix and toss the ingredients and sauces together. The higher you toss, the more prosper you are.  

Promotion period: 6 Jan - 28 Feb, 2021 

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